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Uhuru Summit
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Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek with Life Time

duration: 9 days

difficulty: Strenuous

group size: 12

experience: Beginner


Lemosho is one of the best routes on Kilimanjaro with excellent high-altitude acclimatization and beautiful panoramic landscapes.  

Trip highlights:  

- Throughout the trek your guides will share about Tanzania’s nature and local life.  

- You will experience fun evenings at the overnight camps and witness unforgettable African sunsets.  

- Climb up the world's tallest freestanding mountain, the roof of Africa, standing tall at 19,341 feet.  

- Climb with the finest guides with at least 7 years of experience each and trained as wilderness first responders.  

- Local cooks will prepare fresh meals for you on the mountain and are able to accommodate most dietary requirements, if notified in advance.  

Climbing Lemosho begins with an altitude of 11,800 ft/3,500 m above sea level on the western slope of Kilimanjaro. You will pass through five climatic zones of Kilimanjaro, including equatorial, rainforest, and arctic. It’s like hiking from the hot equator to snowy Antarctica in just a week!  

According to our statistics, 98 out of 100 people successfully reach the summit along the seven-day Lemosho route, making it the most successful route of all.  

This operator is member of KPAP - Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project. The are committed to treating our employees fairly and contribute to the prosperity of local communities.  

A minimum of 8 participants are required to run this trip.  

If you book the trip and we don't have the minimum number of participants, your payment will be refunded.  

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Trip host

Jason L

Greetings, adventure enthusiasts! I'm Jason Love, a passionate mountaineer, weightlifter, and trail runner, finding joy in conquering both literal and metaphorical peaks. My journey into the realm of mountaineering began with a love for the great outdoors. The crisp mountain air and the challenge of ascending to new heights became my calling. From the rugged slopes to the majestic summits, each climb is a testament to my perseverance and dedication. Beyond the mountains, I am no stranger to the world of iron and sweat. Weightlifting has been a constant companion on my quest for strength and resilience. The gym is not just a place to lift weights; it's a sanctuary where I forge both body and mind. Trail running is my escape, a dance with nature that fuels my spirit. The rhythm of my feet on the earth echoes the heartbeat of the wilderness. I've traversed landscapes that test the limits of endurance, finding solace and exhilaration in every stride. A crowning achievement in my journey was completing the Leadville 100, a grueling ultramarathon that pushed me to the edge and reinforced the power of determination. The miles I've covered are not just a measure of distance but a story of grit and passion. Yet, amid these challenges, my greatest joy is sharing these outdoor experiences with my wife and kids. Family is the bedrock of my adventures, and witnessing the wonder of nature through their eyes adds an extra layer of magic to each expedition. Join me in the pursuit of the extraordinary, where mountains are climbed, weights are lifted, trails are conquered, and the love for adventure is a flame that never dims. The journey is ongoing, and the summit is just another milestone in the vast expanse of what lies ahead. Adventure awaits—let's explore it together!


Day 1: Arrival in Arusha

Once you're through with all border control checks, look out for a signboard with your name on it. Your driver will be at the exit of the arrivals zone ready to help you with luggage and take you to your hotel. Hotel check-in is at 2 pm. In the evening your guide will give you a briefing to prepare for the trek.  

Meals: None  

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Uhuru Summit
Barranco Camp To Karanga Camp views
Moir Hut To Barranco Camp
Mweka Gate


On day 1, for 1 day

You will be staying in a 5* Gran Melia Arusha or similar on double occupancy basis  



Admission fees
Guide fees
Airport transfer
Local guide
Some meals


Alcoholic beverages
Travel insurance
Personal gear

Do not forget to arrange for the requisite passport, visa and travel insurance, if you are booking an international trip.

We try our best to ensure accurate and up-to-date guide information, but in some cases this may change due to emergencies or other unforeseen guide scheduling challenges. In any case, another highly-rated, certified guide with similar experience would lead your trip and you will be kept informed of any such case.

Cancellation Policy

* You will receive a full refund minus $100 cancellation fee. For our full cancellation policy, see our Terms & Conditions




Meticulous planning and execution by Adventure Tripr!!

Rajachitra Senthivel

My friends and I recently embarked on a life-changing journey with a Kilimanjaro climb and Safari adventure, an experience that will forever remain etched in our memories, regardless of our age. This incredible adventure was made possible through the meticulous planning and execution by Adventure Tripr in collaboration with Altezza Travels, an alliance that proved to be truly exceptional. Our entire expedition was marked by an unparalleled level of comfort and luxury, which we found surprising given the demanding conditions and high altitudes of our adventure. From the moment we set up camp, we were treated to clean and comfortable accommodation, complete with well-maintained toilet facilities. The culinary delights we enjoyed during our journey, which included delectable vegetarian options, exceeded our expectations. One standout moment was the well-timed snack breaks, where we indulged in delicious biscuits and tea while ascending the magnificent Kilimanjaro. Each morning began with a warm greeting and a steaming cup of coffee, setting the perfect tone for the day's adventures. The thoughtful gesture of dusting off our hiking boots after a challenging hike was greatly appreciated, as was the cozy bedtime tradition of providing hot water bottles to keep us warm in chilly nights. The true stars of our adventure were the dedicated porters and guides from Altezza Travels. Their friendliness and constant enthusiasm, often expressed through joyful singing and dancing, added a remarkable energy to our journey. Their dedication to ensuring our well-being and enjoyment was truly commendable and went above and beyond our expectations. Our safari experience was truly beyond compare, as we had the privilege of encountering all five of the magnificent big wild animals. The adventure was filled with awe and wonder, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. After the exhilarating but bumpy safari rides, we were treated to the ultimate in comfort and luxury at our glamping facility. The accommodation provided a haven of relaxation, complete with a plush bed and the luxury of a hot water shower and a flushable toilet. It was a remarkable blend of wilderness and comfort. The culinary experiences during our safari were nothing short of exceptional. The food we savored reached a level of excellence that exceeded our expectations. However, one particular highlight was the Bush dinner. This unique dining experience quickly became our favorite, offering a five-course meal under the starry African sky. The combination of live music and dance in the midst of the wild, enveloped in darkness punctuated by the sounds of wild animals, created a thrilling atmosphere that will forever be etched in our memories. In summary, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Adventure Trpr and Alteza Travels for facilitating an extraordinary adventure that exceeded all our expectations. The memories of our Kilimanjaro climb and Safari, enriched by these unforgettable experiences, have left an indelible mark on our souls, and we are immensely grateful for the unforgettable memories that will remain with us for a lifetime.


Excellent service!!

Shashi Yadav

I choose the Adventure Tripr for Kilimanjaro hike and safari in July 2023, Excellent service from transportation to accommodation, hotel, food everything, very well organized, enjoy every single day without a single complain , Big thanks to Chetna Shetty very helpful, have answer for every single questions I have!

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