About Us - AdventureTripr

Adventures designed by real people.

We’re a team of hikers, climbers, solo travelers, and toddler
wranglers hailing from 4 different countries and counting.

Adventure has taken us to...

49 countries across 5 continents

We're like you

Just like you, we are a group of outdoor enthusiasts who just want
to be outside, appreciate our planet, and explore the gems our
world has to offer. We felt the pain of complex travel planning, so
we set out to do something about it and create a community-
centered platform for people like us.

Meet the team

Preeti: Jack of All

Climber, Photographer, Mom

When Preeti isn't hiking with family, or climbing mountains with friends, she works to help transform lives, communities, and the planet. She brings her 15 years of business growth experience to AdventureTripr to build a more sustainable and equitable travel industry.

Marat: Chief Geek

Soccer Player, Hiker, Dad

Marat’s mission is to build a platform that can level the playing field for local businesses in the travel industry. He brings 14 years of experience designing software systems, including Skype and Cortana.


We're on the lookout!

We’re looking for team-mates! If you feel an affinity for the great outdoors, care about empowering communities, and nerd out about growth marketing and data analytics, we’d love to hear from you. Introduce yourself at team@adventuretripr.com.

Grant: Biz Dev Whiz

Climber, Cyclist, Kayaker

A PNW native, Grant is a master of all outdoor pursuits. He believes the best way to develop a craft is to teach it to others. He’s a guide with Y.E.T.I, an instructor with The Mountaineers, and brings his on-the-ground experience to ensuring that all AdventureTripr trips are 100% safe.

Kenzie: Creative Genius

Adventurer, Yogi, Artist

With a passion for bridging cultures and fostering vitality in communities and the planet, Kenzie works with impact-driven ventures and non-profits to tell their story through branding and design. An adventurer herself, when she's not behind the screen you can find her in the mountains with a notebook in hand.

Spenser: Marcoms Trailblazer

Hiker, Adventurer, Dog Mom

Spenser spends her weekdays writing and endlessly scrolling through social media and the online world. She's worked in communications and marketing for a variety of industries, from governments to nonprofits and is passionate about sustainability and making the outdoors accessible to everyone.

Who are we?

We’re adventurers, just like you.

At AdventureTripr, we understand those that aren’t satisfied to live an ordinary life. You seek life changing experiences, not fleeting snapshots from a tour bus window. You want to earn that alpine lake photograph, to feel the mist from a towering waterfall. You hit the trail early to catch the sunrise because it’s worth it every time.

What makes us different?


Your passion of exploring the world is our priority, which is why we aim to inspire, train, and facilitate outdoor adventures for all experience and fitness levels. We put adventure first and fuel the fire of your inner explorer, while leaving the tour bus style of travel to other companies. Our expertise is in the wild, so when it comes to adventure, we've got you covered.


Our adventures are handpicked by experts and use guides selected from a rigorous vetting process in order to curate the "real deal" experience. We sweat the details and piece together the logistics so you don't have to. All you have to do is choose your advenure and lace up your shoes.


Our team isn't just a few folds who built a travel service; we created AdventureTripr to be a hub for adventurers eager to connect and travel with like-minded people. We are a community that exchanges gear notes, beta, learns new skills from fellow adventurers, and so much more. Whether it be ideas for dreaming up your next adventure or advice on how to conquer it, you name it and our supportive community makes it happen.