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Wonders of Greenland

duration: 8 days

difficulty: Easy

group size: 12

experience: Beginner


A week of exploration and adventure, that will help you to intensively know both sides of Greenland.  

After a short flight from Iceland you will find ourselves in a new world, Greenland, where roads are the exception and where nature is practically untouched. Discover iceberg-covered seas and the paradoxes of a country located in the unexplored Arctic but called "Greenland" which, nevertheless, has the second-largest polar ice cap in the world just behind Antarctica.  


- Navigate in a sea filled with icebergs, travelling around the glaciers in adventurous  

RIB boats, observe the blue-tinged ice and admire the beauty of Inlandsis or  

Greenland's Polar Ice Cap.  

- Witnessing northern lights, the “Dance of the Sky”, from one of the world’s most  

special areas, from mid August.  

- Visiting of some Greenlandic settlements, such as Qassiarsuk, Igaliku and Narsaq  

- A unique excursion with crampons, guided through labyrinthine crevasses and  

drains in one of the oldest ice fields in the planet. A truly exclusive trip in Greenland,  

only comparable to that in Patagonia’s Perito Moreno.  

- Overnight in the Qaleraliq Glacier Camp, a tent camp located in the most magical  

spot in south Greenland, here you will see the best Northern lights as the camp has  

total absence of light pollution. A sandy beach situated in front of the ice cap. A truly  

unique experience.  

- Sighting of local fauna such as eagles, caribou, foxes and arctic hares, or maybe  

whales and seals when the journey takes us to the sea.  

- Having first-hand experience of the dramatic progress of climate change in  

Southern Greenland, an area which offers a rare glimpse of the effects of global  

warming: glacier withdrawal, increase in the amount of ice that has broken of the  

glaciers, forest and new vegetation sprouting in terrain which for centuries could not  

sustain plant life...  

- Visiting the Viking ruins of Gardar and Brattahlid, the most important  

archaeological treasures in South Greenland part of the Unesco World Heritage  

since 2017  

- Opportunity to enjoy an impressive kayak excursion, surrounded by icebergs  

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Day 1: Viking Greenland

Flight Keflavik (International Airport ) – Narsarsuaq.  

Reception in the airport and transfer in RIB boat through Tunulliarfik Fjord, usually covered by icebergs, to Qassiarsuk. Walk through the village of about 50 inhabitants, mostly farmers, comprising the old Brattahlid, capital of Viking Greenland.  

Cultural visit: Brattahlid reconstructions. Guided visit to the original ruins from Erik the Red, and a replica of the original chapel and longhouse. This Norse and Greenlandic core farming area were in 2017 inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List under the title Kujataa Greenland: A Norse and Inuit farming landscape on the Edge of the Ice Cap.  

Meals- Dinner  

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On day 1, for 2 days

You will be staying 2 nights at the Hostel. It is a cozy hostel, with a spacious terrace overlooking the fjord, different rooms, with shared toilets and showers. You will use sleeping bags at night.  



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Cancellation Policy

8 weeks prior to departure: Expedition until 8 weeks prior to departure, are charged cost of non – refundable flight tickets + cost of other non – refundable expenses.  

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2 weeks prior to departure: Non refundable  


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