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Death Valley National Park Getaway

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Explore one of the hottest places on earth: Death Valley National Park. On this self-guided trip, you’ll get to see salt flats, hike on sand dunes, experience a real-life oasis, waterfalls in the desert, take in colorful canyons and hills, see historical buildings, and maybe even endangered fish! The variety of incredible sights you will see on this trip will make for memories that will stay with you forever.  

Pricing is based on minimum 2 paying adults, up to 2 kids under 12 go free. Max occupancy is 4 persons total.  


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Day 1: Desert views and impressive landscapes

Once you’re out of Las Vegas, you’ll drive through Joshua tree landscapes and then stop at an alien Area 51 souvenir shop. Fitting in with the somewhat mysterious magic of the desolate desert, your next stop will be at an opera house in the middle of nowhere to learn about its unbelievable legacy. It is still active after more than 50 years of play.  


After leaving the opera house, you'll head out to one of the most photographed overlooks within Death Valley National Park for your first impression of the desert beauty of the driest, hottest, and largest national park in the 48 states. With this just being the beginning, you will see a series of incredible sights ranging from vast salt flats to sand dunes to colorful hills through the day. Always be sure to carry several gallons of water with you and drink plenty. (Your car might need some water too when temperatures are above 100 degrees and you're driving over the Amargosa Range and Panamint Range. And anytime you’ve got a four-legged friend with you, you need to make sure to keep them hydrated too!)  


Tonight you’ll be sleeping restfully in your comfortable hotel before getting up in the morning for your weekend adventures.  

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On day 1, for 2 days

Stay in the historic part of town in comfortable accommodations with free wi-fi and a swimming pool to relax or play in.  



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