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COVID-19 Response & Cancellation Policy

June 19, 2020
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Hang in there troops! It’s been a challenging few months for all of us. Here at AdventureTripr HQ, it’s been a blur of cancelling our first trips to keep our team and community safe, finding ways to keep supporting the local guides and businesses that we work with, and making sure that we are keeping you updated with important safety updates around traveling. All while social distancing! You can see what we’ve been up to as well, catching up with our reading here, and chatting with inspiring guests here.

However, at some point WE know that YOU want to know when we can start planning an adventure out there in this beautiful, wonderful world we live in. We wanted to take a moment here to answer some big questions about how we are dealing with these unpredictable times, why we think adventure trips are the sustainable choice more than ever before, and how we can help you plan for the future.  

Mount Rainier National Park, Photo by Joshua Peacock
Mount Rainier National Park, Photo by Joshua Peacock

For Adventurers: 

1. Are all the trips cancelled? 

To ensure the safety of our team and our community, we paused all trips scheduled for March and April (including our maiden trip!). Instead of cancelling trips outright, we are postponing what we can for later in the year. 

May-August: We’re keeping a close eye on the situation to see when it makes sense to start offering trips in the summer. We've created some wonderful local trips, right here where we're based in the PNW, that will scratch that adventure itch while staying safe. (See 5.)

September onward: We plan to run all fall and winter trips. 

We’ve got some notes below on how we decide when it’s safe to go on trips again, but please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about specific trips. You can email us at here, or use the chat feature to leave us a question. A human will get back to you as soon as humanly possible! 

2. How do you decide when it’s safe to go on trips again? 

We follow three steps to determine whether we are able to offer trips safely and responsibly. 

  1. We’re based in Seattle, so first and foremost, we pay attention to the governor’s orders for the State of Washington, which get updated here

  2. We pay attention to travel bans put in place by the American government, to ensure that you won’t get stranded anywhere, as well as updates from the CDC, WHO, and the US State Department of Health

  3. We keep track of covid19 related statistics in our destination countries to ensure that it’s safe for you AND for your destination country for you to travel there.  

  4. We talk regularly to our local partners to hear about the situation on the ground.

3. Is there somewhere local I can go, while safely social distancing?  

If you’re ready to leave the four walls of your home (we know we are), but feel overwhelmed by the thought of all the extra planning that Covid-19 requires, we have options for you! We’ve curated and designed no-contact / low-contact trips for those in the Washington area. These trips are specifically designed to get you and your loved ones back into the beautiful outdoors while safely social distancing. (Or if you’re wanting to social distance FROM your loved ones, no judgment here!) 

Our measures include: 

  1. Cabin stays over hotel stays

  2. Temperature screening for any local business partner you come into contact with

  3. Completely sanitized accommodation and transport  

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Supporting our Guides: 

4. How is AdventureTripr ensuring that there will still be adventures to go on when travel finally returns to normal?  

This year, we’ve made the decision to offer our platform services at cost to our guides. Social distancing and staying at home is an important way for us to help get things back to normal and prevent the pandemic from spreading further. However, it has had an outsize impact on the livelihoods of many of the communities who live in and safeguard the destinations that we travel to. 

Here at AdventureTripr we truly believe in investing today so that future generations can adventure too. Although adventure travel already returns a whopping 40% more of generated profits to local communities than mainstream travel, this year we felt that we needed to do a little more. That’s why 100% of all profits from AdventureTripr trips in 2020 will go back into local economies.  

5. I’d like to support local guides by booking a trip for a future date. Can I do that? 

While we do have a clear 100% refund policy, we do welcome and encourage you to change your dates to a future date instead. Our local partners are small businesses built by guides who depend on the sustainable and ethical travel choices that you make when you choose to book with them over a mainstream travel company. Changing your dates, or booking trips for the future now can help alleviate the financial challenges they face and help sustain them until the world is ready to have adventures again. 

Cancellation Policy:

6. What if I’ve already booked and paid for a trip, and it gets cancelled because of coronavirus related concerns? 

Our refund policy for any changes due to COVID-19 is simple. 100% refund, no questions asked. 

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