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9 Awesome Women-Owned Outdoor Companies

Team AdventureTripr · February 27, 2023
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We are super excited to be collaborating with some innovative female-owned outdoor adventure brands to celebrate Women’s History Month. We have outlined the stories of these amazing brands that include dehydrated food for your hikes, ski wear, clean technology to bring you light, skincare created especially for the needs of the adventurer and so much more! I hope you find them as inspiring as us.

MPowered | Seungah Jeong CEO

MPOWERD is on a mission to transform lives with thoughtfully designed, clean technology. Their innovative products give people the power of self-reliance — because they believe that everyone deserves to be empowered and inspired regardless of how or where they live.

Seungah Jeong is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Board of Directors Member of MPOWERD Inc., Seungah is a female business leader powerhouse. She has been included in the Top 100 Women in Impact by Real Leaders as well as the MO 100 Impact CEOs; she has been awarded the Innovative Entrepreneur Award by Social Venture Circle; and she is part of the USPTO's 12% female patent holders.

Purple Rain Adventure Skirts | Mandy Bland

During a 2012 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail Mandy was inspired to try hiking in a skirt.   Unable to find what she wanted, she went about designing her own. Hacking up an old pair of convertible hiking pants, adding a comfortable waistband and some pockets, Mandy then headed back out on trail testing the design on the PCT that following summer.  Thus the Purple Rain Adventure Skirt was born.

Purple Rain Adventure Skirts is dedicated to providing people with performance apparel that inspires the freedom of adventure without compromising style or function. They believe that hiking gives us the strength to take on life's challenges. The wilderness we trek through teaches us to find peace and perseverance in a hectic world. Purple Rain Skirts encourages others to take comfort in the natural world, find their inner strength and simply live.

Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skincare | Dr. Cindy Jones

These products are formulated to address the needs of the outdoor man and woman, particularly after sun care. The climate, sun and outdoor lifestyle can have damaging effects on the skin. After spending time in the sun, your skin needs help. By using antioxidant-rich herbs and other actives, their line can help minimize dry skin, hyperpigmentation, redness & irritation and wrinkles.

Cindy grew up hiking, gardening and now farming. As she began to see changes in her skin due to the sun, wind, and the arid Colorado climate, she looked for ways to minimize those effects. Using her knowledge as a biochemist and herbalist she studied solutions to keep the skin as healthy as possible under adverse weather conditions. Her hobby turned into a passion and she formulated Colorado Aromatics skin care line to be sustainable, highly functional and have great skin feel.

Dr. Cindy Jones also owns Sagescript Institute and is a highly sought after product formulator/research and development consultant in the natural cosmetics industry. She brings a scientific perspective to the field of herbalism and natural skincare and has created a niche for herself in formulating natural cosmetics.

Comfortable Adventures | Jeein Shin

Comfortable Adventures are the makers of the comfiest low-impact, high-quality hemp clothes that take you from cliff to couch, and anywhere in between. Founded by Jeein Shin, a South Korean native, who fell in love with climbing but couldn't find natural, comfy, versatile apparel that fit her values. With over a decade of industry experience, she decided to take on the challenge herself and launched the company in the spring of 2020 with a focus on design, comfort & sustainability. Currently a one-woman show, Comfortable Adventures is producing small batches in sunny LA and is powered by the most sustainable & magical fabric, hemp.

FERA | Betty Tung

Betty Tung saw a gap in the market for a more glamorous take on skiwear. An engineer and athlete, with expertise in clothing production thanks to her father’s manufacturing business, Betty understood exactly what was missing from the marketplace. Performance lines offered durability, but their cuts were boxy and unflattering, while style-focused brands were priced out of reach for most. Betty was motivated to fill the gap and FERA was born.

A pioneer in the ski industry, Betty was one of the few female and Asian founders in the male-dominated winter sports world. Determined to succeed and stand out, Betty harnessed her unique perspective and expertise to focus on impeccable fit and fabric technology. She relied on her industry knowledge to create pieces that were light yet warm, designed to seamlessly move with the body. She spent years fine-tuning her line, making pants sleeker, and jackets more stunning, avoiding gimmicks, and always adding gorgeous details.

Fernweh Food Company | Ashley Lance

Originally a side hustle, Fernweh Food Co. has turned into a dream realized: sharing the food Ashley loves with people who love to adventure.

Ashley began making her own food in 2015 for bike tours and backpacking trips because she values knowing what she’s putting into her body. On these adventures, she found that her fellow travelers were eager to try what she had made. With some encouragement, she decided to give this side hustle a chance to be the real deal.

Since she began adventuring, she has found the abundance of packaging and garbage piling up at trailhead trash cans and out in the wilderness to be disheartening. In an effort to be a part of the solution, she wants to make this company as earth-conscious as she can. Taking a cue from the three R's, Fernweh Food Co. is doing its part to reduce the amount of single use plastics going into the wild by utilizing packaging that is 100% Omnidegradable or compostable. They have lessened their carbon footprint by only making vegan/plant-based meals.

Coalition Snow & Après Delight | Jen Gurecki and Lauren Bello Okerman

Jen Gurecki and Lauren Bello Okerman, the founders of these two companies, were never sponsored athletes or industry insiders. They were, and continue to be, two women who love playing in the mountains. They believe that everyone should be able to experience the joy and freedom of being in nature.

They started in 2014 with an obsession to fill a void in the industry with their performance-driven skis and snowboards and with a belief that a community of enlightenment, sustainability, and solidarity were key ingredients that had been missing.

So, how did Après Delight start? You might be wondering why a women-owned ski and snowboard brand is getting into intimacy products. Well, they've been known to push boundaries of what's acceptable so that they can make progress, but truth be told, their creator Jen Gurecki really needed something fun to do doing COVID lockdown. So while y'all were baking bread, she was turning up the heat in between the sheets.

No one knows what's more fun at Coalition Snow: testing out new prototypes of skis and snowboards or products designed to give you lots of big OOOs!!

AdventureTripr | Preeti Suri 

AdventureTripr is a marketplace for adventure travel, and it was started because Preeti began hiking to recover physically and mentally after giving birth. It was fun and life-giving, but it wasn’t easily attainable. She didn’t grow up in a culture that valued outdoor activities, and she was met with layers of obstacles as she explored her new outdoor pastime. She wanted to offer her love of the outdoors to others who came from a similar background. Having seen the fundamental need for more resources in the industry, she began to develop AdventureTripr, a travel company that would make adventure travel less daunting for newcomers.

AdventureTripr is constantly growing and now offers multi-day outdoor experiences across 15 States in the US and 18 countries, with new destinations being added each month. Following their commitment to education, women, and beginners we became the official adventure travel partner for communities like Women Who Hike and have run trips for others like She Jumps and Native Women's Wilderness.

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